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We are Ability for Life. 


Join us to make a difference and improve as many lives as possible through education. 


Our aim is to change the outlook and possibilities of young people by giving them opportunities which they would otherwise not have. 

We assist in the early recognition of problems or disabilities which inhibit learning by identifying the root cause of underachievement. We will be offering extra tuition to compliment the child’s existing education. 

These few steps give each child, who was failing at school, the tools to believe in themselves, gain a sense of pride and to have the energy and confidence to build a better future. 


We bring together people of different cultures and religious backgrounds especially people trying to settle and integrate into British culture. 

We bring people together and make them feel part of a community. 

We breakdown the barriers of isolation and stereotyping.


We aim to empower the next generation.


We promote cultural differences and give people a platform to express themselves.  

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