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In 2019 we collected donations of clothing, bedding, towels and toys from mummy friends and also buying good quality 2nd hand Moses baskets, baths etc. Myself and Innocent spent the remaining donation money in lieu of gifts for my Mums 60th birthday plus our personal donation in lieu of Christmas cards and stamps this year 2019 on essentials like nappies, wipes, cotton wool, female sanitary products, baby toiletries, a toy and a book for each baby along with a cup, spoons, dummies, teething toys and even a packet of biscuits (an essential for any new mum I can tell you!)

All these items were made into 4 completed gifting baskets. Today as a family and on behalf of all who contributed we delivered the prepared baskets to Trintity Methodist Church in Long Eaton, Nottingham and the charity Baby Basics - Long Eaton will find families in need this Christmas to give them to. 



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