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Ability For Life - Baby Basics

Baby Basics Project

In 2019 we collected donations of clothing, bedding, towels and toys from mummy friends and also buying good quality 2nd hand Moses baskets and baths.

L'Orphelinat Sainte Rita 16.jpeg

Orphanage Donation

In December 2019 we made a donation to an orphanage to provide food for the festive season.

Chapelle St Charles Luanga 8.jpeg

Support In Education

We have worked with a school in Cameroon since 2017 providing

extra curriculum tuition for 12 children at the moment and we have managed to get 6 onto higher education and are confident that more will progress. 


Stationery Donations

In September 2020, despite the limitations caused by Covid-19, we reached out to 150 children and donated pens, pencils and note books ahead of the start of the academic year to encourage and motivate them to understand that education is the best way forward.

CJARC Project 11.jpeg

School Stationery - CJARC

In 2019 we made donations of basic school stationery to a school for blind and deaf pupils. 

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Amical UK

On the social front, I am working with a group of people of African origin, in Leicester, bringing them together through social event talking about how to manage finances, savings and integration with the UK way of life.

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