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Having lived and worked in the UK for many years. My first experience and one that will stay with me forever is a placement that I had at Future Prospect in York, England. Future Prospect is an organisation working to help integrate people in need, the homeless, ex-offenders and many more and I saw the difference that we could bring to people's lives. 


Having relocated to The Midlands, I worked with a company that had the desire to open the door and welcome the long term unemployed. We worked in partnership with many charities in the local area to train, encourage and place candidates in a job role to suit them in our company  


To see how much of a difference we could make, just by listening and giving someone a chance to shine, has encouraged me to start doing more and challenged me to improve as many lives as I could. 


I have been blessed to be with my wife, Claire, who is a Health Care Professional and we have travelled around the UK, Africa, India and many more places doing charitable work. With Claire, and a lot of hard work, we promoted and raised funds and acquired products for a UK charity called Baby Basics. 


Working with Mrs Kolly Alivine, based in Cameroon, we found a school and found children that we believed needed the most help with their education. We later added support for a special needs school and also an orphanage. 


Innocent Kenne Douanla

Charity Founder


Claire Kenne Douanla 





Africa Manager

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